Fantastic Lori. You've forgot nothing papa taught us.

– Antonio on Lori's acrobatic skills

Antonio Cadenas is a minor character and younger brother of Lori Anderson of the Cybersix comic series, he first appears in Volume 1 Chapter 14.

Antonio works in the circus as a family job where Lori was also involved until she decided to leave and stay in Meridiana.

The character of Antonio mainly serves as the reason to Lori's acrobatic skills to which she traverses the rooftops to follow Cybersix in the same chapter.

Character InformationEdit


English translation courtesy of Pharmadan.

  • Lori: "What do ya think?"
    Antonio: "Fantastic Lori. You haven't forgot nothing papa taught us."
  • "You should come back to the circus, sister. It's your home, not the rock bands and drugs that so attract you."



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