• TheWearyandHeavyLaden

    Hello Wikians!

    As you guys may know, we're an English Wiki. And the longest running series for Cybersix is the Italian comic series, alongside it is also the French and Italian versions.

    It would be most appreciated if some kind Wikians would create and run a Cybersix Wiki in the other languages, this way we can ensure the most complete and accurate information can be found on Wikia. We can also all collaborate and work together, I think this would lessen the burden on this Wiki, maybe there'll even be information I wouldn't have known otherwise that would spring up.

    Thanks for reading and I hope one of you out there considers this.

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  • TheWearyandHeavyLaden

    Hello Wikians!

    I want to announce that the Cybersix Wiki now has a Discord VOIP server! Discord VOIP (voice over internet protocol) is a voice and text application used by gamers as well as other communities.

    Here is the server:

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  • Theburningoak93

    Can I request a discord VOIP for this wiki for main communication?

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  • TheWearyandHeavyLaden

    I have so many questions that I can't answer myself, so I'll post them here in the case that someone would know:

    • We need more information regarding the live-action television series. For example: how many episodes were there, when was the last airdate, has there been an official VHS release or were they only recorded on tapes when it aired?
    • I got these images [1] [2] from this YouTube video showing clips from what I assumed to be the live-action series, however I'm not 100% sure about this. And if that guy is even Lucas?
    • Is this image [3] a production art?
    • We also need more information about the animated series's home releases. For example: More info about these two DVD releases [4] [5], are there only 1 disc to each case? I found some images …
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  • TheWearyandHeavyLaden


    October 27, 2016 by TheWearyandHeavyLaden

    Hi, there!

    I will be compiling a list of websites featuring information on Cybersix, or just mentions the show or character. Maybe this would help others get started with their research and be more likely to contribute, or it could just be used for personal enjoyment.

    Something to note, there are usually LOTS of dead-links for Cybersix-related sites because they're just so old, so I use a website called to see if the sites were archived and to see how they looked before. Fortunately many sites were archived.

    • | Archived site
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  • TheWearyandHeavyLaden


    October 26, 2016 by TheWearyandHeavyLaden

    I'll be using this blog to highlight some updates, changes, and progress of any kind. It makes sense to use this title for a blog like this.

    • All pages (now including the Main Page) are now unprotected.
    • Message Wall has been enabled and has replaced the "User Talk Page" (which has been archived).
    • The Chat Feature has been enabled.

    • Badges has been enabled.
    • The new Discussions Feature has been enabled. This may replace Message Walls and Talk Pages in the future. Here is the Help:Discussions.
    • The Cybersix Wiki now has a Cybersix Wiki Facebook Page.
    • The Wiki now has a Discord VOIP server:
    • We now have a Cybersix Wiki Youtube Channel!

    • The Theme and Main Page of the Cybersix Wiki may continue undergoing changes until I'm happy with it.
    • Pla…

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  • TheWearyandHeavyLaden


    June 4, 2016 by TheWearyandHeavyLaden

    Since this Cybersix Wiki is essentially starting out, I'll be sure to give you guys a heads up on major changes.

    All of the pages are now unprotected, so feel free to edit.

    I have now created the policies article.

    I have enabled the more user-friendly "Message Wall", which replaces the "User Talk Page". Old messages on the User Talk Page will be archived.

    I've also enabled the Chat feature.

    I want to improve the main page. I'm also considering changing the theme of this wiki.

    I don't know if this wiki should use US or UK English. American is common, but Canada uses UK, and Cybersix was partly made in Canada and it is most well-known there...

    The Cybersix Wiki now shows up the first page of Google, right underneath Wikipedia!

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  • TheWearyandHeavyLaden

    Okay, so here goes.

    Hello, fellow Cybersix fans! I would like to start a community discussion concerning this Cybersix Wiki- so I invite all users and fans to this.

    I have noticed that this Wiki is dead! I want this fanbase to come alive- so along with asking for more contributors- I also suggest that we appoint a new leader who will be an administrator and/or bureaucrat, but most of all, who will be an active contributor.

    Here are the adoption guidelines: And here's a blog about choosing an admin:

    We can choose who will be our new admin, if there has been no active admins/bureaucrats lately (or if there's an admin out …

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  • TheWearyandHeavyLaden

    For a wiki to survive, it needs a community who contributes. This wiki needs some work, but most of the pages are protected. Why is this?

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