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Am I more human than creature?

– Cybersix contemplating her humanity.

Cybersix, alternatively spelled Cyber-6, is the titular character and protagonist of the Cybersix series, and is voiced by Cathy Weseluck.

Cybersix lives in the fictional city of Meridiana where she lives as Adrian Seidelman during the day and as a leatherclad hero during the night where she's hunted by her creator, Doctor Von Reichter and his clone-son, José. She's eventually aided by her brother, Data 7 and love interest and friend, Lucas Amato.

Being the product of a laboratory experiment, Cybersix often questions her humanity with many moral and ethic questions arising.

Cybersix requires the mysterious green liquid Sustenance to survive.


Cybersix is a young lithe woman with dark eyes, tanned skin and wears red lipstick. Her vigilante costume consists of a skintight leather suit with high heels, a fedora-like hat, a cape with a red interior and high collar along with fingerless gloves. She has short glossy black hair that partially obscures her face and a tattoo on her left arm that says "Cyber-6." She is noted by other characters to be exceptionally beautiful. As a child, she wore a raggy striped shirt and shorts. In the episode Terra she fantasizes herself in a red dress with hoop earrings and matching heels after seeing one on display.


Cybersix is initially a serious and solitary person before opening up and making friends, but being the product of a laboratory experiment, she's hesitant to pursue a romantic relationship with Lucas. This same reason is what gives her compassion towards Von Reichter's other creations as she views them as her brother and sisters. She does not care for Fixed Ideas and Technos however.

Character Information


After the end of World War 2 in 1945, Doctor Von Reichter fled and went into hiding in the Brazilian jungle where he set up a laboratory to create his army of supersoldiers to overtake the world. In 1968, Reichter had obtained the egg from an unknown female acrobat and used his own sperm to create 5000 clones and put into artificial wombs. The children were born in August around 1970 but would only live for nine years and exterminated in 1980 for their perceived defected DNA attributed to their rebelliousness. Cyber6 and Cyber29 are the known Cybers who were spared, as Cyber29 had previously died and his brain put into a panther while Cyber6 escaped with a black slave.

The two lived in a small fishing village located somewhere in northeastern Brazil until they were caught by Fixed Ideas. The man died to keep Cyber6 alive and allow her to later escape to Meridiana where, along they way, she adopted the identity of a young boy who had died in a car crash, in order to live a normal life in society. She received an education through mail and worked as a courier and later got a job as a literature teacher at the local delinquent high school. When her sustenance supply ran out, she attacked a female Techno in order to survive. She had since then adopted a new identity as Cybersix who stalks the night, so as to protect her everyday identity. By night she fights the creations of her creator, and is soon aided by her surviving brother, now named Data 7.

Cybersix and Lucas eventually become a couple once Mauritius Cronemberg convinces Cybersix of her humanity. She becomes pregnant while Lucas is lost in the jungle, and after delivering her son, Gengis, in an ambulance, the crew are revealed to actually be Reichter's minion who kidnaps the newborn child. He is brainwashed to hate his mother and made to rapidly mature to adulthood. Gengis would continue to mature to old age and die, only to be brought back to life by the Grim Reaper, and back into the hands of Reichter.

In the end, Cybersix is reunited with Lucas and her son, and also obtains the formula for sustenance after a villain posing as Jesus betrays Reichter. Reichter, José and their minions leave Meridiana once and for all after their base is burned down. Cybersix is unsure on whether to continue living in Meridiana and if she will resume her male disguise, and the series ends with the hope that she will.



Cybersix's history is left largely unexplained in the animated series. It's revealed through flashbacks in episode 2 that Cybersix and Cyber-29 were siblings who were playing in a jungle one day until arriving at a field with a cliff, and where Cyber-29 descended on a precarious ledge to retrieve a red flower for his sister before tragically falling to his death. Some time later, Von Reichter found the body and transferred his brain into the body of a black panther and renamed Data-7, also losing his memories in the process.

Cybersix would eventually leave Reichter under unknown circumstances after this incident and take a male identity, living in a small fishing village (according to Adrian to Lucas in episode 1), and taking teaching positions in Canada (revealed in a confidential document glimpsed by Lori in episode 5).

The animated series starts at Cybersix's first night in Meridiana, encountering Fixed Ideas kidnapping men, and going to the high school the next morning for Adrian's first day of the job as a classic's literature teacher. The next night, Cybersix continues her chase for the Fixed Ideas to consume their sustenance but is interrupted by Lucas, who witnesses the chase and takes the sustenance back to his home. Cybersix enters his apartment through the window and the two are shortly attacked by a Fixed idea who's angered by the death of his brother. They fight and fall out the window, with Cybersix saving Lucas while the Fixed Idea dies and becomes a vial of sustenance, which Cybersix drinks. She later becomes guilt-ridden when Jose and his minions breaks into Lucas's apartment, creating a mess, and feels she had gotten him involved. She also is concerned for the kidnapped men and sabotages Jose's money-making scheme and rescues the men. Reichter afterwards learns of Cybersix's presence in Meridiana, and Cybersix proclaims that she won't run away.

Jose and Reichter tries to both take control of Meridiana and to hunt down Cybersix by sending after various creatures, but their plans often fail.

In the end, Cybersix confronts Von Reichter directly and the two are caught in an explosion. It's unknown if she survived.


Lucas Amato


Cybersix and Lucas are close friends and share a romantic tension but they never directly admit their true feelings for each other. Although Lucas will occasionally make advances, Cybersix will push back with her concern she's not really human. Their relationship becomes complicated when Lucas accuses Adrian of seeing Cybersix behind his back, not knowing they are actually the same person.

In the comics, because Lucas and Cybersix are not officially dating, Lucas sometimes flirts and sleeps with different women. He hopes to become serious with her one day, though, and will cut off women that offends Cybersix.

Data 7


Data 7 and Cybersix have been close since childhood, playing with each other in the fields and later banding together against Von Reichter. They are able to effectively communicate, often show affection and Data 7 being occasionally protective when she is hurt.

In the comics, all of Reichter's creations share a certain connection with each other, with Data 7 and Cybersix sharing a stronger connection than usual. He also seems dependent on his sister for attention and affection, one occasion having him cry when she decides to spend Christmas with Lucas.

Lori Anderson


Cybersix and Lori do not interact much and mainly through the Adrian persona as student and teacher. When Lori sees Cybersix in Adrian's apartment talking to an out-of-sight Data 7, she assumes the mysterious woman and her teacher are dating and bitterly gossips about it to Lucas, which causes the two friends to drift apart until Lori goes missing. They put their petty feelings aside to find her and when Cybersix and Lori work together to bring down José's plans to rob a bank, Lori is able to resolve her feelings of jealousy and her crush on Adrian becomes less problematic.

When Cybersix went out to meet Von Reichter, she entrusted Lori with her eye glasses, effectively telling her and later Lucas that she is Adrian. When the island blows up, both Lori and Lucas are devastated. Unlike Lucas, she does not know if Cybersix survived or not.


Production Art 7

Cybersix initially met Julian through her Adrian persona when he stole her wallet one day and through him, is reminded of her deceased brother Cyber-29 and of her lonely life. She feels compassion and also guilt for not being able to save Cyber-29 and sought to redeem herself by saving Julian from a criminal lifestyle at the hands of Orlando.

Cybersix and Julian's overall relationship is that of surrogate brother and sister. Julian regards her as a best friend however in recent episodes, their relationship sort of upgrades to surrogate mother and son, as Cybersix is determined to keep Julian out of harm's way in her later missions. Julian who is forever grateful of his life being saved, risks his own safety to help her out, whether she likes it or not. In Final Confrontation, he was devastated upon witnessing the living bomb's explosion, as he instinctively believed that Cybersix may have died in it.


The main idea and script for Cybersix came from Eura Editorial in 1991, who wanted a new weekly series consisting of 12 pages, and entrusted Carlos Trillo and Carlos Meglia to create a character. They were given 20 days and a week after submitting the character, the two were set to work on the first chapter.

An early idea of Meglia was of a woman who would dress as a man to get into the police department, because her father had been killed, and her patrol partner would be Lucas. Fellow writer and friend of Trillo, Guillermo Saccomanno, came up with the title for the story, "Black Baby."[1] They continued to make changes and draw inspiration from numerous sources, such as video games, music and newspaper stories.

One particular true story was included in the introduction of the first chapter of the comic; in 1984, Elsa and Mario Rios died in a plane crash in Chile, leaving behind 2 frozen embryos in Australia, causing an international controversy and raising moral and legal issues in regards of what should be done with them. They were ultimately destroyed.[2] Trillo then asked the hypothetical question of what if they weren't destroyed but stolen by a mad scientist and they survived to this day.

Trillo and Meglia also consulted a psychiatrist to better understand a woman like Cybersix.



English translation courtesy of Zannen and PharmaDan

  • "Maybe death is preferable to a life of disguise and deceit. Does there exist a heaven or a hell for genetic experiments." (Cybersix, on the verge of death by Sylvester)
  • "Well, it must've been divine intervention. This way I'll have no weight on my conscience and can still go to Heaven." (After Sylvester accidentally dies)
  • Lucas: "You... you're a... vampire?"
    Cybersix: "Not at all. "



  • Appears in the child-friendly comic, The Adventure of Cyb.
  • Like all of Dr. Von Reichter's creations, Cybersix needs Sustenance.
    • How Cybersix obtains the Sustenance she needs differs in the comics. In the comics Cybersix directly bites onto and slurps from the necks of Von Reichter's creations, very much like a vampire. In the animated series, this was changed to his creations literally turning into a vial of Sustenance likely due to the graphic and sexual content within her methods in the original story.
  • All the Cybers are clones and their biological father is Von Reichter. This would mean José is biologically the father of Cybersix.
    • This would make the situation with José regarding Cybersix in the comics uncomfortable to say the least.
  • Freudian and Oedipal are mentioned in relation to Cybersix.
  • The comics refers to Cybersix as an anti-hero and hero.
  • Cybersix also has her own clone that Von Reichter created from her DNA from when she was eight years old.
  • Deborah Colt is an actor with whom Cybersix acts as a stunt double for. Due to their similarities, in both appearance and background, it's initially suspected she is a Cyber.
    • While acting as Colt's stunt double, Cybersix uses the name "Cyb Seidelman." Colt meanwhile uses "Dumas."
  • Becomes romantically involved with Tristan 0/1.
  • In the 2014 DVD commentary with Brady Hartel, it's revealed there was debate amongst the animated series creators on whether to cast different voice actors for the characters, Cybersix and Adrian.
  • Cybersix has sometimes been mistakenly referred to as transgendered by fans, although this would be false due to Cybersix not identifying as male as she simply crossdresses.
  • Yashimoto gave Cybersix the pseudonym "Sybill Fish" in his comic.[3]
  • Cybersix is listed as having special abilities from the Foxkids[4] website, which may have come from the animated series' production bible. Some abilities may not be canon to the comic series. These abilities includes:
    • Athletic skills of an Olympic champion.
    • Black body suit repels rain, fire, wind, explosives, and body impact.
    • Remarkable jumping skills allow her to leap from building to building.
    • Long cape allows her to float in the air and provides shelter so that she can hide in the dark.
    • Ultra-sensitive vision. Can see in the dark.
    • Special radar-receptive hats that can pick up special signals and distant sounds.


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