Daylight Devil is the twelfth episode of the Cybersix animated television series. It features Griselda as the main antagonist who hunts down Cybersix.

Episode synopsis

The episode starts off with Cybersix being hunted down by an assassin named Griselda, a creation of Doctor Von Reichter. Throughout the episode, Griselda uses a device that turns her invisible, enabling her to follow Cybersix, who is in her male disguise, Adrian Seidelman, in broad daylight.


  • Adrian has a more prominent appearance in Daylight Devil than any other episode, with Cybersix only appearing at the very beginning of the story.
  • The poem Adrian reads, "And the cycles of eternity bring us nearer to the end." is currently unknown. It's possible it may be a quote from T.S Eliot as it's the closest phrasing to be found, [1] or may be a religious philosophy referring to the cycles of life and death and the passage of time.[2]
  • Adrian is hesitant in giving out his personal information to the nurse, with a few possibilities as for the reason why: his identity may be fabricated, he may have stolen it as in the comics and may alert the authorities or family, or he simply doesn't want to be examined and stalling as he is, in fact, a woman.
  • Griselda is voiced by Janyse Jaud, who also voices Lori Anderson.
  • This episode did not air in the US due to the show being pulled off the air.
  • In this episode's ending credits, they misspell Yuichiro Yano's name as "Yuichiro Yan".


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