The Ending Theme song, also known as As the Rain Falls on the Mountains, was created for the Cybersix animated series. It plays at the end of each episode.

The lyrics to the song was written by Robert Olivier, composed by Robbi Finkel, and vocal performance by Coral Egan for the English version and Claude Lombard for the French dub. It is likely that the other dubs did not perform the Ending Theme song, rather, they would have used the English or instrumental version.

There is a full three minute version of the Ending Theme, however, there are currently no plans for its release [1].


As the rain falls on the mountains

Are my sorrow just salty tears?

I whisper your name

Until we're together

Our love will conquer fear

Comme la pluie

Qui tombe sur la montagne

Coulent mes larmes

Ruissellent mes pleurs

Je murmure ton nom

Toi et moi, ensembles

L'amour vaincra la peur


  • The Ending Theme features scenes from the animated series which includes:
  • It also features a scene from the TMS Sample, the alternate first meeting between Cybersix and Lucas where Cybersix stands in the window and falls in pain.
  • Robbie Finkel has said of the Ending Theme: It was felt that the closing song would reflect Cybersix's more intimate aspirations as a woman.
  • Finkel has also said: The different musical style of the closing song was at the suggestion of Koji Takeuchi. It is stylistically drawn from a certain genre of South American folk music which he brought to my attention. I composed a song in which certain harmonic aspects of the music of Cybersix were infused so as to create a sort of pop song with this folk style influence.
  • According to a Reddit post the Theme songs are owned by TMS Entertainment, and a company would need to licence the song themselves to release it[2]


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