Griselda, also known as Grizelda, is the featured antagonist of the twelfth episode, Daylight Devil, of the Cybersix animated series. She is voiced by Janyse Jaud.

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Griselda is a creation of Doctor Von Reichter, seen alongside some Fixed Ideas as they chase Cybersix through the streets of Meridiana. The two engage in a physical fight but are interrupted by a rocket that blows the area up in flames and allows Cybersix to escape and return home, badly injured and Griselda stubbornly hunting her down by following her brother, Data 7, in hopes of finding her. Data 7 inadvertently leads Griselda to Adrian Seidelman, Cybersix's alter ego, and so the chase begins during a school trip in the countryside.

Griselda has blue skin, orange eyes, and large ears. She also has a device strapped to her arm which allows her to become invisible.


  • "Dressed up with no place to go, Cybersix?"
  • "I hope you're ready for your date with death!"
  • "This is all because of Cybersix! I'll pay her back for this. Take me to the lab!" (Griselda angered after getting injured in an explosion)
  • "The panther will lead me straight to Cybersix."
  • "Now it's your turn to suffer defeat Cybersix!" (while dragging Adrian behind a truck)
  • "Keep running Cybersix! It's easier if you're tired."
  • "This time you won't get away from me!"
  • "Why are you helping me?" (shocked at Adrian pulling her to safety)
  • "No, you must survive! Thank you, Cybersix." (Griselda sacrificing herself)


  • Griselda is voiced by Janyse Jaud, who also voices another villian, Elaine.
  • The episode that Griselda appears in, Daylight Devil, never aired in the US.



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