You're funny!

– Ikiko to Julian.

Ikiko Yashimoto is a minor character from the Cybersix series, who first appears in the fourth episode, Yashimoto, Private Eye, in the animated series in monthly issue 1 and French Volume 1 of the comic series. She is voiced by Chantal Strand.

Ikiko is a young Japanese girl who is the younger sister of Miao Yashimoto and friends with Julian. Miao is her sole caretaker and works as a private detective, and when he is approached by José and refuses the job offer of catching Cybersix, José kidnaps both Ikiko and Julian as ransom. While her older brother is forced to do the job, Ikiko is held in a room, scared, but comforted by Julian.

Character Information


Ikiko is immediately introduced as already having been kidnapped by José. She is mainly seen in the thoughts of Yashimoto, who imagines her crying and the main motivator for him to catch Cybersix. She isn't officially introduced until near the conclusion of the story, where Yashimoto attains the help of Cybersix and her friends, such as Julian and Lori Anderson, to break into the building and rescue her. Yashimoto then takes Ikiko back to Japan where they will be safe from José and his minions.



Ikiko had just recently befriended Julian and asks Yashimoto if she can play with him, while Yashimoto is dealing with the job offer from José. After being denied the service and angered, José kidnaps both Ikiko and Julian and they're both taken back to a hideout where they are kept in a locked room. Ikiko is scared but is reassured by her new friend they'll be okay, where he then leads an escape plan, which ends up failing as the vents they're crawling through breaks and they fall right on top of José. When Yashimoto returns with the figure of Cybersix tied in the seat of his motorcycle, Ikiko and Julian are brought outside in exchange. After the tied Cybersix is found to be a mannequin and a trick, José's minions chase the children and attack Yashimoto and even releases a new monstrous creature resembling a snail. Cybersix quickly comes to their rescue. After the monster snail and, in turn, José is defeated, Ikiko is reunited with her brother as the two, and Julian, walk back to his motorcycle.



  • The episode Ikiko appears in, episode 4, did not air in the US due to the racial stereotype of the Japanese characters.




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