Lori's Parents are the mother and father of Lori Anderson from the Cybersix series who appear in the Animated Series in episode twelve, The Final Confrontation, and is currently unknown if they appear in the comics, where in this rendition they have a son and brother to Lori, Antonio Cadenas.

Character InformationEdit

Lori's father has red hair and is seen wearing eyeglasses, looking worried as they evacuate the city and is last seen driving the vehicle and stuck in traffic. Lori's mother has blonde hair with a long hair bang in front that resembles Lori's, and is seen alongside her husband, looking calm.

In the comics, neither parents makes an appearance but are mentioned in a conversation between Lori and Antonio, where it's stated their father had trained them in acrobats and that the two were raised in the circus until Lori left it to live in Meridiana. It's unknown if either children live with their parents, but the mother is never mentioned but the father is suggested to be a gambler which greatly upset Lori and left her trying to fix the situation and ask Adrian and Cybersix for help.







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