You get me a big fat wallet or you don't eat.

– Orlando threatens Julian

Orlando is a minor character from the Cybersix animated series that first appears in the second episode, Data 7 and Julian, as Julian's criminal boss.

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Orlando appears as a short, overweight man. He has short black hair, wears a black long-sleeved shirt, jeans and a brown jacket. His eyes are always shut, and he has a persistant cough.

He is shown to be very unsympathetic towards Julian. He's very short-tempered, often yelling at Julian and shoving him around. He is a greedy man and would deny Julian food until he has stolen a wallet for him. It appears that Orlando would accept money whether it was stolen or earned, however, he seems to be familiar with Julian's sense of morality.

His history is unknown. He possibly lives in the abandoned theatre, and is also in charge of Julian whom he forces to pickpocket people. He works for the Mob Boss, handing over to him his daily "earnings".

Once Jose took over the theatre it was used as a weapons base, then the building later exploded. Orlando is last seen running away with the rest of the men before a fight ensues between Cybersix and Data 7.


  • Orlando: "Get to work kid."
    Julian: "Uh, sure."
    Orlando:"Get me a big fat wallet or you don't eat!" (Orlando ordering Julian to steal)
  • Orlando:"Here's yesterday's take." (Orlando gives the Mob Boss that day's money)
  • Orlando: "What're you doing here? You supposed to be picking wealthy pockets."
    Julian: "Uh, nothing happening out there."
    Orlando: So make it happen."
    "Right after I eat."
    "(mumbles) You know what you got to do, get me a wallet."
    "Yeah. Yeah, whatever you say."


  • Orlando's name is never mentioned in the show, but it was revealed both in the production art on TMS's website[1] and in an interview with series' composer, Robbi Finkel.[2]



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