Rebecca Limon is a character from the Cybersix comic series and is a former lover of Lucas Amato and who first appears in weekly issue 10 and French Volume 1.

She is an immoral and selfish news reporter that once kept a video tape of black children being slaughtered for a news story instead of turning it in to the police. She expected support from Lucas but he instead broke up with her.

Character InformationEdit

Rebecca and Lucas had been separated for two years without contact after an incident involving a mass murder, where she held a video recording the gruesome event and planned to use it for a story instead of reporting it to the police. Two years after their breakup on Christmas day, she visited Lucas' apartment and slept with him, taking advantage of his lonliness to obtain his findings and research on artificial humans living in the city. Lucas caught her in time and threw her out of his apartment, promising never to fall for her again.

Lucas tells Adrian Seidelman that, although Cybersix was born in a lab, she had a heart a thousand times greater than the cold and cruel Rebecca.

Rebecca later makes small appearances throughout the series, reporting the news or becoming involved with Jose, where he tortures her for information.


English translation courtesy of Pharmadan.

  • Lucas: "You followed them... You have video of them killing in cold blood... And you didn't report it to the police?"
    Rebecca: "What are you saying? This is the biggest story I've ever had!"
  • "I see you haven't changed the locks since I left. I missed you. I have thought a lot about what happened... and I think you may be right." (Rebecca lying to Lucas)
  • "Though Cybersix may be the product of a laboratory, she unquestionably has a heart a thousands times greater than Rebecca's." (Lucas of Rebecca)
  • "With this victim, he has now slain six women, and yet the police still have no leads on his identity." (Rebecca reporting on the killer, The Butcher)