The Series of Creations are- as the name suggests- a series of creations created by Doctor Von Reichter and José (with the exception of Tristan 0), all featured from the Cybersix series.


The Technos are creations that resemble ordinary humans, in direct contrast to Fixed Ideas that look more monstrous in appearance. There are several of them throughout the city of Meridiana, and possibly in other parts of the world. Some of the Technos we know of is the Police Chief, Anton Romance, Tony Gago and the News Anchor. And although Sylvester Vidal is a Type in the comic series, he has been changed to be a Techno in the animated series.

The comic states these creations were meant to hold positions of power to pave the way for Von Reichter to rule the world.


The Types also resemble humans, but not quite as much as the Technos. Types supposedly have high intelligence and look somewhat like teenagers, like Sylvester Vidal. Sylvester is a Type in the comics but he has been changed to be a Techno in the animated series.

Due to the cancellation of the animated series not a whole lot is known about them.

Fixed IdeasEdit

The Fixed Ideas are a series of Von Reichter's creations. The Fixed Ideas appear in almost every episode, usually accompanying José.

Fixed Ideas are larger than normal humans. They have blonde hair, green skin, and red eyes and eyebrows surrounded by a black shadow, resembling a raccoon. There are also female Fixed Ideas in the series, they have orange/red hair. And as their name describes, they have a very limited mental range. They can only comprehend simple concepts such as "kill Cybersix" or "light the fire" etc.

Female Fixed Ideas purpose seems to be housework (i.e: cleaning, doing the laundry, making dinner). The males are José's thugs. They are the muscles that help José accomplish what he has to do. They act as his bodyguards, in a way, and they fight Cybersix a lot of the time.

In the comics, the Fixed Ideas were created in the Brazillian jungle in 1980 that were used to destroy all the Cybers and later capture Cybersix. The Spanish language comics state the Fixed Ideas were created with the sole purpose to capture the black slave, although this would contradict a scene which depicts a Fixed Idea being present before the man's escape, shown as brutally murdering the children.

Cyber SeriesEdit

The Cyber series were a result of genetic engineering by Doctor Von Reichter to reproduce perfect soldiers to be under his control in his bid for world domination. It's highly implied Von Reichter was actually Doctor Josef Mengele who, after the end of World War 2, fled to South America where he set up a secret laboratory in the Brazilian rainforest. In 1968, he obtained the samples necessary for creating the children, using his own DNA and the other being from an unknown person with acrobatic skills and is suggested all the Cybers are clones. Sometime around 1971 of August, all the children are born but nine years later in 1980, a flaw was discovered in their genes that made them rebellious, and so, an approximate 5000 Cybers were destroyed. Cybersix was the one true survivor with her brother, Cyber 29, having already died and whose brain was implanted into the body of a panther and renamed Data 7. In French Volume 11, Cyber 5, Cyber 7 and Cyber 23 can be seen as being named.

Data SeriesEdit

Not much is known of the Data series other than Von Reichter likely created at least seven around the same time as the Cyber series. The seventh Data, known as Data 7, was the result of the premature and unintended death of Cyber 29 and to whom Von Reichter would save his brain to put into the body of a panther.


Only one Chrysalide series is known who first appears in French Volume 3, whose abilities and purpose is to sleep with men which kills them. Chrysalide 1 attempts to to seduce Lucas Amato and goes as far as Lucas's apartment but fails after Cybersix catches the two together and runs away. Lucas then rejects Chrysalide 1's offer of sleeping together and angrily throws her out. Stunned at being rejected, she goes into a somewhat catatonic state and accidentally poisons Jose when they sleep together.


There is only one of the Angel series, Angel 1 being a clone of the character Michelle that first appears in French Volume 4. It's unknown what happened to Michelle but it's possible she may have died while under captive. In the end, Angel 1 kills and is killed simultaneously by Gabriel.


Being one of the Tristan series, Tristan 0/1 was a human who once saw Cybersix and fell in love and was later killed. His brain was put into a robot where he managed to retain his free will. He appears in French Volume 4 and is a creation of Werner Schneider, a rival to Von Reichter.





Fixed IdeasEdit

Cyber SeriesEdit

Data SeriesEdit


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