The Final Confrontation is the thirteenth and final episode of the Cybersix animated television series.

Episode synopsis

In this episode, Doctor Von Reichter plans to detonate a living bomb to destroy the city of Meridiana. As the entire city evacuates, Cybersix has a farewell meeting with Lucas Amato and the two kiss for the first and final time. She leaves to confront Von Reichter at his secret laboratory at the observatory with Data 7, where Reichter attempts to strike a deal with her. But he finds the bomb is out of his control, sabotaged by José. The bomb ends up settling near the observatory and explodes. Later, Lucas is sits alone at the café, holding Adrian's glasses. He walks outside towards Adrian's apartment to find the lights on, he smiles and runs off, but the fate of Cybersix remains unknown. José is also seen listening to a voice recording of his father and giving a mischievous smile before the episode ends.


  • Cybersix and Lucas first kiss.
  • Lori's Parents make their first appearance.
  • The first and last episodes are the only ones to mention Sustenance and Cybersix's withdrawal from it.
  • This episode did not air in the US due to the show being cancelled.
  • The ending in the cartoon is different than the comics, where Cybersix ends up with Lucas and the two have a child.
  • The episode was originally called "The Isle of Doom." [1]
  • In the 2014 DVD commentary, Cathy Weseluck has said that if Lucas were to meet Cybersix at Adrian's apartment, they would not say anything, they would just be happy to see the other.
    • Weseluck has also expressed her belief that Lucas has found out that Adrian was Cybersix in disguise.
  • In this episode's ending credits, they misspell Teiichi Takiguchi's name as "Teiichi Takiguichi".
  • Julian briefly appears in a few scenes where he's sleeping and watching Cybersix die but this time he doesn't talk in this episode and doesn't have a major role to himself.


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