Okay, so here goes.

Hello, fellow Cybersix fans! I would like to start a community discussion concerning this Cybersix Wiki- so I invite all users and fans to this.

I have noticed that this Wiki is dead! I want this fanbase to come alive- so along with asking for more contributors- I also suggest that we appoint a new leader who will be an administrator and/or bureaucrat, but most of all, who will be an active contributor.

Here are the adoption guidelines: And here's a blog about choosing an admin:

We can choose who will be our new admin, if there has been no active admins/bureaucrats lately (or if there's an admin out there that wants to take charge, come forth!). If someone wants to "adopt" and become an admin, it's important to have a community discussion first. It is suggested we take at least a week to discuss this so everyone has a say.

Personally, I would like to do this, but I don't have the experience- and if there's someone out there that wants to take leadership and who's better qualified, I think that's best. So let's discuss, talk it out, and see what happens!


So guys, it's been one week now since I opened this discussion for a new leader! So who should- or wants- to adopt the Wiki? And how can we improve it? Here are my suggestions for improvement, you guys can also give suggestions:

  • Create a "policies/rules and guidelines" page. Here is a blogpost about making one here.
  • Unlock all of the locked pages. A Wiki should be open to all, and should only be locked in cases of edit wars or vandalism.
  • Fix up the main page. I don't think we need three Cybersix logos to know we're on the Cybersix Wiki. And we should link the main articles on the main page so we can find it easily. The Wiki says there are 36 pages on the Wiki, I found half of those pages by spamming the random button and I still can't find the last four pages.
  • Try to expand the articles so they're no longer stubs.
  • Add more articles. We need to complete the episode articles, maybe add more characters, etc.
  • Add more images.


Hey guys! The adoption process has completed and I've finally adopted the Cybersix Wiki and have gained Administrator and Bureaucratic rights.

The Staff member at Community Central, MerryStar, has kindly unprotected the pages ahead of time.

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