Hi, there!

I will be compiling a list of websites featuring information on Cybersix, or just mentions the show or character. Maybe this would help others get started with their research and be more likely to contribute, or it could just be used for personal enjoyment.

Something to note, there are usually LOTS of dead-links for Cybersix-related sites because they're just so old, so I use a website called to see if the sites were archived and to see how they looked before. Fortunately many sites were archived.

Official Websites

TMS website

  • | Archived site

Telecom website

  • English
  • AND | Archived site 1 and 2
  • Japanese
  • | Archived site
  • Official Cybersix Forum
  • | Archived site


Fox Kids

Unofficial Fan Websites

Old fan websites

More links from the website themselves

Websites that contain Cybersix content

General Source of Information

In Other Languages

Cybersix on other Wikis

Something to note here, there are other wikis that reference Cybersix but they're kinda weird so...I'm not gonna include them. But if this bugs you, just ask and I will add them.

Google Books

These popped up in the search results in Google Books, so I thought I'll link to them here.

Official Comic Versions

Warning: The Cybersix comics ARE NOT KID-FRIENDLY. The comic series are in three languages, Italian, Spanish and French. If you would like to acquire and read the comics I encourage you buy them but as they are an expensive rarity I will make a dropbox of the comics that were downloaded and torrented so far.

As an experiment I'll be trying out Google Drive since it can hold 15GB rather than the 2GB Dropbox offers. And we'll see how things go from here.

Unofficial English Translations


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