I have so many questions that I can't answer myself, so I'll post them here in the case that someone would know:

  • We need more information regarding the live-action television series. For example: how many episodes were there, when was the last airdate, has there been an official VHS release or were they only recorded on tapes when it aired?
  • I got these images [1] [2] from this YouTube video showing clips from what I assumed to be the live-action series, however I'm not 100% sure about this. And if that guy is even Lucas?
  • Is this image [3] a production art?
  • We also need more information about the animated series's home releases. For example: More info about these two DVD releases [4] [5], are there only 1 disc to each case? I found some images of the English and French VHS tapes, but I also found another unexpected VHS tape set of the series, is this an official set?
  • Not much is known about the Network of Animation (NOA) company.
  • Why do some sites have different "original" airdates for the animated series?
  • What are the airdates for the other episodes in other countries? I couldn't find anything beyond the first episode.
  • Were the comics originally in Spanish or Italian?
  • Is there an Italian version of the comics that can be found online? The French and Spanish versions can be found, but so far no Italian version has turned up.
  • Also need to know about the other dubs of the animated series. This one forum this person confessed to having the Japanese version, but they're not gonna be handing that out.
  • What was the site "" before?
  • Who are the voice actors for Orlando, Sylvester, and for the mother and daughter from episode 2?
  • For Miao Yashimoto, which is his first and last name?

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