Volume 1 is the first volume of the Argentinian Cybersix comic series, written by Carlos Trillo and illustrated by Carlos Meglia. The series was originally published in Italian by Eura Editoral in 1993 and later published in Spanish in Argentina by El Globo Editore in 1993 and in Spain by Planeta De Agostini in 1995, and later translated into French by Editions Vents d'Ouest in 1994.


A mysterious woman is seen traversing the rooftops of Meridiana, a large and bleak city.

Argentine ChaptersEdit

Puertitas No.33 is an Argentine magazine where Cybersix made her first appearance in April 1993. The three issues were later compiled into a book.

Cybersix No.1 is the first comic dedicated to Cybersix under "Meridiana Comics" in June 1994. It had 3 issues titled The City of Monsters (La Ciudad de los Monstruos), a digitally coloured miniseries that was later compiled into a book titled The Book of Beasts (El Libro de la Bestia) in January 1995.[1]

Spain ChaptersEdit

The Cybersix issues began publication in Spain by Planeta DeAgostini in September 1997 and ending in February 1998, making 6 issues and a total of 12 chapters.[2]

Volume 1: Something in the Night

Italian ChaptersEdit

The Italian comics has a total of 24 weekly issues and 45 monthly issues. The former was later compiled into four volumes or specials, consisting of eight chapters per volume.

Volume 1 or Special 1 of Weekly Issue:

French ChaptersEdit

The French comics has a total of 12 volumes, and each volume consists of approximately 16 chapters. Volume 1:

Character Debuts (In order of appearance)Edit



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